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Let's start what we can do for the future.

20,000 PET bottles are disposed worldwide every second! If properly recycled, it can be used again and be given a “Rebirth”

Taiyo Group Recycle Flow

1. PET bottle collection


We collect PET bottles from local elementary, junior high and high schools and local government collection sites. Before the bottles are collected, they are washed, ring and caps are removed.

2.Cleaning and crushing


The bottles are meticulously and systematically cleaned to a level that they can be reused removing any heavily soiled parts. The cleaned PET bottles are crushed into flakes for easy processing.



Heat is applied to the PET flakes and is processed into pellets. This is the raw material state for plastics. 

4. Products


Utilizing the pellets, it is used to manufacture products that can be used multiple times for a long time. Our application is to create heat-resistant plastic tableware that can be used in a microwave.

YOu can see our recycling efforts in the video below


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Adopted at the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit in 2015, 

"No one is left behind" was set up and aims to realize a sustainable, diverse and inclusive society through "Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)".

Taiyo Group supports three items of the SDGs.

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