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Everyone's recycling efforts give birth to the tableware brand


We at Taiyo Group, with over 20 years experience with PET bottle recycling have been able to develop resins with extremely high recycle rates of up to 98% that are totally free of any virgin plastics. Sustainable tableware is the new future. It takes about 4 PET bottles to create a standard mug. This is how we can start to slowly rebuild our future together.


Taiyo Group, Located in Wakayama Prefecture works with local elementary, junior high and high schools to collect bottles as well as placing local collection boxes around the prefecture to collect as much as 30 tons of waste PET bottles every year. 


Before the bottles are collected, they are washed, ring and caps are removed. With the cooperation of the locals of Wakayama, we are able to produce high-quality recycled raw materials. We strive to educate on the importance of recycling within our local communities. We aim to protect the global environment by creating a process of mental and actual cooperation. With our products, your very own dining table opens up ideas and opportunities to think about the environment. 


About Taiyo Group


Taiyo Group is a plastics manufacturer that was founded in 1954 in Wakayama prefecture. In 2002, in realizing the daily growing environmental issues, we have taken the lead in creating a sustainable recycling business. Bringing “rebirth” to things that were considered unnecessary and making them into valuable things.


Taiyo Group aims to continue to develop environmentally sustainable products. As a company that contributes to society through manufacturing by responding to the needs of our time, we are making advanced efforts to building a environment fit for future generations. 

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